Picture22There are 2 types of relevant funding available for our courses.

SSG Funding

Please refer to SSG website for more information.

Caregivers Training Grant (CTG)

CTG provides informal caregivers with a grant to attend training in order to equip them with relevant knowledge and skills to care for the physical and psycho-emotional well-being of their dependants.

To be eligible for the CTG, the caregiver must

  • be a caregiver of a Person With Disability (PWD) or seniors (age 65 years and above), who is a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident;
  • be the main caregiver of the PWD or elderly;
  • attend training course(s) pre-approved for the purpose of this training grant; and
  • complete the course, fill in CTG evaluation form and receive the Certificate of Attendance.

Please refer to website for more information.